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Friday, November 2, 2018

Common Types of Medical Malpractice

The first step to confirming your suspicion in medical malpractice is to identify the malpractice being committed. Malpractice is an umbrella term, and often times many patients are unsure if negligence has occurred in their specific situation. To better prepare yourself, stay informed on medical malpractice lawyers in Philadelphia, or your local area, by reading blogs and similar case studies.

We’ve referenced our trusted lawyers in Philly to compile a list of 5 common types of medical malpractice:

• Surgical Error

A misconception surrounding surgical error is that signed consent forms acknowledge risk thus keep the patient from claiming mid-procedure complications. This is not always a fair argument based on the severity of malpractice.

• Misdiagnosis

Arguably the most common cause of malpractice, misdiagnosis prevents a patient from undergoing proper treatment. Examples include a diagnosis of the incorrect illness, doctor’s claim of no apparent illness, or diagnosis of a non-existent condition.

• Treatment Failure

In situations where hospitals prioritize profits over safety, failure-to-treat malpractice tends to take place. These situations can include early patient release, inadequate follow-up care, or improper specialist referment.

• Medical Equipment

Failure In some cases, patients suffer due to poor equipment or technology design. Whether it’s internal or external injury, equipment can malfunction and lead to serious harm. These situations often result in multiple patients being affected by the same equipment.

• Birth Injury

Continuing the cycle of life is often a joyous occasion and preparing for a birth-related injury for child or mother is not a usual precaution. Examples of birth injury malpractice include inadequate prenatal care, situations of preventable injury, and healthcare provide negligence.


These common categories are meant to steer your case in the right direction. If you need consultation for medical malpractice, call one of our trusted Philadelphia lawyers today at:

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