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Monday, September 24, 2018

Top Causes of Car Accidents

With the increase of cars on the road, the likelihood of car accidents has also went up. Learn some top causes of car accidents by reading this blog!

Distracted Driving

This is the most common cause of a car accident because this includes driving while texting/ on the phone, driving drunk, speeding through a red light, or even eating food. As a driver on the road, it is your duty to ensure your focus is solely on following the rules of the road for you and everyone else’s safety.

Bad Weather

If the roads are very slippery from the rain, snow, sleet, etc., this can create a dangerous driving situation. A lot of cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. can skid out of control and as a result, the driver can crash into another car or into the border. It is important to exercise caution when the weather starts to get bad.

Driving at Night

Since it can be harder to see at night, driving at night is also a big cause of car accidents. People might not see the other car or person, wildlife can run into the street and you swerve out of the way to avoid it, and more.

Faulty Roads

Another cause of car accidents can be potholes or other dangerous road conditions. Sometimes it can be hard to see a pothole until you’ve hit it and if the impact is hard enough, your tire could burst causing you to lose control of the car.

Driving While Tired

This can happen with any type of driver however; truck drivers are at fault a lot for driving while exhausted. They are trying to make their deadline for delivery and as a result, they push themselves to drive instead of resting. A big sign that a truck driver is driving while tired is if they start to swerve in their lane. It is always important to be cautious when driving near an 18-wheeler truck because the mass and weight of the truck can result in a fatal accident if anything goes wrong.

Reckless Driving

Some people when they get behind the wheel develop road rage or employ reckless driving. Whether they think it’s fun to get a thrill of speeding around or another driver makes them angry, reckless drivers are a huge cause of accidents. If you notice someone swerving in and out of lanes, it is best to just stay clear of them.

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