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Monday, September 10, 2018

Types of Construction Accidents That Can Result in a Lawsuit

Construction workers have a huge risk every day they work. If you or a loved one work in construction, please read the following blog to learn which accidents can result in a lawsuit so you can protect yourself and obtain the justice you deserve.

Stuck/ Entrapment

When working in construction, there is always a risk of getting caught in/ under equipment, having things collapse on you, accidents with rigging, issues with faulty equipment, improper training and more. If something happens while you’re on the job that could have been prevented with better training or functioning equipment, you most likely qualify for workers’ compensation. It is the employers’ duty to ensure they provide safe working conditions. 

Hit by an Object

Another common accident that happens on construction sites is workers getting struck by a vehicle, machinery, or falling pieces such as bricks, tools, ladders, etc. If a worker is operating the vehicle, it is his/ her duty to communicate effectively when they are moving the equipment. They should also have a spotter walking around the vehicle to make sure no one is nearby before the driver moves.


This happens when the work you are doing exposes you to exposed wires or damaged electric systems. Electrocutions are one of the most fatal accidents while other electricity injuries can result in electric shock, burns, or injuries due to electric contact.


This is perhaps the most common of construction accident injuries due to the fast-paced work. Everyone is working hard to get the job done and if they are rushing too much or were unproperly trained, this results in an accident. Falls can be from scaffolds, ladders, slipping or tripping, unstable working surfaces, holes or openings in the building or work surface, tools left behind, and more.

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