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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

What to Do when You’re in a Bus Accident

Every day people ride the SEPTA and other forms of public transportation, which increases the chances of accidents. If you are a frequent rider on the public transport systems, it is a good idea to prepare yourself in the event of any accident. To learn more, please read on!

Call the Police  
After you make sure you and other passengers are safely out of the way then you should call the police. They will be able to assist in making sure you all stay safe as well as provide a report for your case later on.

Receive Medical Attention
Bus accidents can be terrifying because you can still be injured from other drivers, the bus can catch fire, etc. It’s important to ensure your safety first and then once you’ve given your report to the police, you should go to the hospital right away. This will make sure that you haven’t incurred any severe injuries or if you did, you can get treated right away. You should also make sure to receive documentation from the hospital or doctor to prove any injuries you obtained. 

Gather Evidence  
If you decide to take action from the bus accident, it is important to compile any evidence you can. If you were able to talk with other witnesses after the accident, try to get a recording or a written statement from them. If someone was walking on the street and saw it happen, you will definitely want their statement as well. You should also look into nearby cameras and see if they were able to capture the accident. 

Record and Organize Everything
It’s really important to keep a detailed statement of everything that happens after the accident. This includes doctors’ notes, receipts for anything you need to purchase such as medicine, witness statements, videos, pictures, etc. The more proof you can provide to a lawyer, the stronger your case.


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