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Friday, July 15, 2016

Let This App Tell You When It's Time To Drive

Waze currently allows you to plug in your biggest (and most nerve-wracking) upcoming events with their new feature, "Planned Drives." If you're an iOS user, you can be a little less anxious about the job interview (or first date) because Waze knows exactly when you should leave the house. You can avoid current road obstructions and horrendous highway buildup caused by accidents with an estimated departure time that routinely updates. If you happen to get really into it, Waze graphs peak traffic hours for various other roads for your driving pleasures.

To view the original source, click here. To find out how Brad Cooper & Associates LLC can help you if you've suffered from an accident, visit our website's subcategory, "Motorcycle, Auto + Truck Accidents." Photo provided by GIZMODO and Waze blog. 



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