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Monday, July 11, 2016

Pokémon Go App Captures More Risk Than Creatures

Kids frantically run across streets, mindlessly unaware of passing cars and other hidden dangers to catch what can't be seen by the onlooker: Pokémon. Pokémon Go is a newly released mobile app that operates by users’ phone GPS and clock to determine the players’ current location in real time. As the user physically moves, so does the character (or in this case, a trainer). This initiates real life gameplay and encourages gamers to travel and collect virtual creatures, which is also known as “augmented reality.”

The ‘90s comeback has created so much nostalgia that adults and their safety are also in peril. Players are currently reporting, “twisted ankles, mishaps with revolving doors and walking into trees.” The interactive game has also enticed others to venture on Pokémon quests while driving. Park Ridge Police Department in New Jersey wrote to their Facebook following, “There have been pedestrians struck, vehicle accidents, and personal injuries due to falls…We have also seen large groups congregating near busy roadways, while on their devices playing the game.”

Users are encouraged to actively practice and promote safe gaming.

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