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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Texting is Not Our Only Killer

It can wait. That's the best piece of advice a driver can tell him or herself before deciding to answer the phone. The NSC, or National Safety Council, confirmed that the 2014-2015 year had the highest total of fatalities from traffic accidents in 50 years. This is because for whatever reason, U.S. citizens continue to take unfavorable risks while driving. Cell phone calls are just as distracting whether they be hands-free or not. There's really no "safe" way to take a call while driving. The most imperative promise we can make to ourselves and to the lives we carry with us in our vehicles is this: Better late than never; let it wait. Here are a few pointers from the National Safety Council to preserve caution while driving:

  • Make a personal commitment to drive cell phone-free
  • Turn your phone off or put it on silent while driving so you are not tempted to answer it
  • Speak up when you are in the car with someone who uses a cell phone while driving  ask if you can do it for them or if it can wait
  • Change your voicemail message to reflect that you are either away from your phone or driving and that you'll call back when you can do so safely
  • If you are talking to someone who you know is driving tell him/her to hang up and call you later

Take the pledge with the National Safety Council: Here.

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