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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Do Not Throw Your American Flag Away

A day dedicated to the proper disposal of the American flag, June 14th is traditionally known as, "Flag Day." What may or may not be more commonly known is that the act of retiring our country's flags is respectfully disciplined. During this day, volunteers present the aged flags as well as their prior whereabouts and then the flags are not to be thrown away - but burned. Timothy Langford, Assistant Director of Education for the American Legion confirms that afterward, "...There will be a speech about the importance of the flag, and then the flags will be committed to the fire that has been built for proper disposal.”

Proper Etiquette & Disposal:

  • The matured flag must be appropriately folded.
  • The fire must be made intense enough that the flag will be completely disposed of.
  • The flag should then be placed inside the fire.
  • The individual can salute, show respect in a brief moment of silence or recite the pledge of allegiance. 
  • After the flag is entirely consumed, the fire should be safely extinguished.
  • Always stay alert to local/state fire ordinances.


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