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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Look into the Most Expected Injuries from Car Wrecks

Car accidents are occurring all the time, and unfortunately, there are more injury-specific matters than others. Based off of an article issued by "All About Car Accidents (Published by Nolo)," there are 5 specific types of injuries that are more common than not:


Brain & head injuries -  Even without any physical sign of injury, the brain could be harmed due to the rapid movement of the crash.

Neck injuries - These could range from a mild injury such as whiplash to something more severe like a disc injury.

Back injuries - This type of injury generally takes longer to reveal itself. Sprain, fracture, lumbar injury, strain and etc.

Face injuries - Face injuries can be caused by something as simple as having contact with the steering wheel or airbag.

Psychological injuries - Emotional distress and symptons similar to PTSD can also arise and are just as serious as physical injury.


After an accident, medical attention should be sought out immediately. Afterward, an insurance claim and personal injury lawsuit can be filed. This is the time when car insurance carriers get involved and when your serious car accident attorney should be contacted. For more, visit or contact Brad Cooper & Associates, LLC at (215) 545-7777.


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