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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Continuous Use of the Word "Accident" May Be Excusing Negligent Drivers

Safety campaigners (both online and off), federal administrators, state and local directors are taking a new position: substituting the word "crash" in place of the term "accident." Based off of a recent article from The New York Times, "It's No Accident: Advocates Want to Speak of Car 'Crashes' Instead," most if not almost all crashes are caused by misbehaviors such as driving under the influence and/or cell phone use. So why do we call it an "accident"? When Jeff Larason, Director of Highway Safety for Massachusetts asked the Virginia Department of Transportation if the word might be able to be reconsidered he got a response saying that, "...drivers are familiar and comfortable with the word," and also that "...drivers might not consider a minor incident to be a crash." Our continuous use of the word "accident" may be excusing negligent drivers of their responsibility. 

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